Earth, Wind & Fire. Constitution & Pentecost. Grundlovsdag & Pinse.


Opening prayer:

God, our Holy spirit!

You make the sun rise and dance and you make the earth bloom and harvest.

Let your spirit ignite us to believe and belong, to sing and to share, to care and commit.

Come to us and stay with us – and breathe into us the courage to share your love and our faith in you. Father, Son and holy Spirit, now and forever more. Amen


The first reading today is a wonderful text from Acts that tells us about the spirit of God breathing upon the first disciples and from there the church began.

Act.s 2. 1-4


Gospel John 20. 19-23


If you already did look in the Bulletin this Morning and if you already did read the title of the Sermon or Sunday Thoughts…. Then many of you would hopefully be thinking about good music. Earth, wind, and fire.

“ Do you remember……”  That wonderful 80ies band with so many wonderful songs and hits and so much energy. I hope many of you have danced to the hits of Earth Wind and Fire…. As they have a certain energy, a wonderful spirit that made the ground move under our dancing feet and set the party on fire!

Earth wind and fire.

Earth wind and fire is also present here in church on this glorious Pentecost Morning. The spirit descended on the disciples and the spirit gave them tongues of fire to speak, to sing and to preach the Gospel. And in the Gospel according to John this morning, we hear about that day when the spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, was breathed upon the disciples who were hiding behind closed doors, afraid, and alone.

Earth wind and fire.

The mighty elements of the creation. The mighty elements of faith and church too. And even more the mighty elements of our daily human lives and beings too.


We live on the earth. Our feet and our lives are deeply planted and rooted in the soil of the earth. Through the wonder of gravity, we are pulled to the earth, even if the earth is moving around the sun in orbits of motion and time.

We are deeply rooted on earth and in earth. This is where we live and love. This is where our lives span from birth to grave, as the old words say it so clear: From dust to dust….

Earth wind and fire


But we are more than just that. We are more than just earthly creatures – we are infused with a breath, a wind that gives us life. The story of creation tells us that at the beginning of time, God blew this spirit of life into the nostrils of man – and the earthly creation became a human: with body and with mind. With need for daily bread and shelter, but also with need for more. A need for love, care, meaning, faith and hope.


Today it is Pentecost Sunday. Pinse.

Today we celebrate not only the Danish Constitution, but even more the day of Spirit.


The spirit of the Constitution was indeed based on a fire too… a burning desire to make a better and more just society. A burning dream to build a common democracy and to defend and protect the vulnerable, the week, the strangers and work for peace among nations.

The Story of Pentecost is also the story about a burning fire and desire and faith. The spirit of God ignited the disciples to go out into the world… despite all dangers and toils and snares….  and plant the seed of faith, hope and love in the soils of humanity. 

Thus we are here today. Many of us dressed in red and white… to celebrate Danish Constitution in red and white, but also to celebrate the fire of Pentecost in burning red.

As we are dressed in red and white, we are also dressed in hope and faith, in love and commitment – to preserve and protect our constitution and democracy, to celebrate our church and commitment, - but also to once again to be ignited and kindled in our faith and go out there and plant seeds in the soil.

So, we begin this beautiful day with prayers and praise, to remind us all of what we so often take for granted:

·       What a beautiful wonderful world we live in and what a blessed life we share

·       what a precious democracy we lie in, protected by our constitutions and our rights to live, to vote, to worship, to talk and to celebrate.

So today on this Pentecost morning and this Constitution Celebration Day: let us celebrate and remember the constitution, the freedom, the diversity, the rights, the democracy, the beauty, the abundance, the languages, the spirit, the desires, the dreams – and the blessings to be.

And we pray:

Breathe on me, Breath of God

Fill me with life anew

That I may love all that you love

And do what you would do.