The Church Council 2019

President: Jerome Dominici

Vice President: Hanne Kabel

Treasurer: Cheryl Donato

Secretary: Gitte Olsen


Lilian Lykke, John Nielsen, Dagmar Muthamia

Kent Hanson, Rush Robinson and pastor Anne-Grethe

From the President:

It must be strange to see the name of the president of a Danish church with the name Dominici, mostly because I am not Danish (no one is perfect). However, we are lucky enough to live near the church, and my wife is Norwegian, which should be close enough.

Even though our family is not Danish we were warmly welcomed in from the very beginning. Our daughter was baptized in the church, and we feel like honorary Danes, even if I personally do not reach the average height requirement.

Despite not being raised as a Dane, I am keenly aware of the importance it plays in the lives of those who have grown up immersed in Danish culture. I recognize how it, along with the Lutheran faith, weaves a tapestry of fellowship that bonds people together. That kind of bond transcends nationalities, and I am glad to be a witness to and participant in it.

I understand the importance of the council and my role on it, and I pledge to do my best to guide the council in the best interests of the congregation.