The Church Council 2019

President: Jerome Dominici

Vice President: Hanne Kabel

Treasurer: Cheryl Donato

Secretary: Gitte Olsen


Lilian Lykke, John Nielsen, Dagmar Muthamia

Kent Hanson, Rush Robinson and pastor Anne-Grethe

From the President:

I never knew the Danish Lutheran Church existed until about 15 years ago. You think, how can that be possible being the daughter of a Dane living in California since 1958! Although my mom, who was Canadian, could prepare an authentic Danish lunch that could rival any good Danish mother and most of my parents’ friends were either Danish, Dutch, or German, I think that they were just too busy raising kids and working six and sometimes seven days a week. As many of you know, being self-employed they had no choice.

The first time I attended a Dansk Aften I was overwhelmed with emotion by how friendly people were and the pride that the Danes that immigrated here have in the United States and in Denmark. Even though many had become US citizens they still called Denmark “home”, but sang the "The Star Spangled Banner" with as much gusto as the Danish National Anthem. In my home Denmark was also always referred to as “home” even though my mom was Canadian. So when I started coming to the Danish Church and Cultural Center I found a little bit of Denmark that could substitute for the real thing. Even though I was born her in California and not in Denmark I have always felt that Denmark was “home”. Not in the sense of where I physically live, but because of the sense of family and friends that make it “home”.

My daughter and son- in-law are busy with three girls and jobs. They have one day as a family, which is Sunday, so I understand that it is difficult to come to the church each Sunday or attend a lot of the events. Families, regardless of generation, have the same problem as my parents did and that I did during that time of life, juggling all the responsibilities of children, work and home.

Now as a grandparent I am exposing my grandchildren to the Church and Danish culture as I did my daughter. Even though it is not every Sunday and every event, it does not matter. I want them to have a connection with the church and cultural center and Denmark so they can understand their roots and have that sense of “home” that I and so many others feel.