Palm Sunday Prayer

On this joyous Palm Sunday, the first day of our Holy week and Easter walk, we welcome Jesus. We have come to welcome him and embrace him.

Today Jesus Christ walks into our city, our church, our congregation and our lives as the humble servant and king of the world.

Today we greet Him with palm branches of joy and our heartfelt prayers, even if we know that betrayal and disgrace is lurking in the darkness of the Passion of Easter.

We  thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, that you come here today, to us, to our city, to our church and our time; and we pray: do not leave us even if we betray and disappoint.

Blow away all fear and let your Spirit of Joy shower us in hope and courage, so we dare to believe that the Easter Sun will once again rise as hope and love.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, you did come to the world as a heaven send guest and today we greet you and meet you. Let our words and hymns sour to the heavens and our prayers be heard. Amen