Confirmations are celebrate the Last Sunday of April every spring. Confirmation preparations begin in November and follow a schedule worked out between the pastor and the confirmand candidates. We will meet in late November for service and registration. I am looking forward to meeting and greeting our Class of 2020.

Confirmation is the joyous celebration of faith that marks the transition between childhood and adolescence. Confirmation is God's confirmation of his relationship (baptism), and the confirmand repeats the promise of the baptism with his/her own yes to confirm his/her faith.

Confirmation is celebrated in April in the church at a festive Confirmation Service followed by champagne reception and lunch.

In the confirmation classes from November through April, the Confirmands will learn more about their Christian faith, the church, Christianity and ethics. We engage in conversation about the bigger issues of life and faith, we sing, we worship, we laugh and we learn.

Confirmation class is planned twice monthly on Sundays following the 11 am service. It is also possible to follow the confirmation classes here in the United States and then be confirmed in Denmark. 

In addition to the confirmation classes on Sundays there is a confirmation camp at the church. The confirmation camp is a Saturday and Sunday, where the confirmands stay at the church and cultural center and prepare their own Sunday service.

If you live outside the state of California or Southern California, you can participate in confirmation classes via e-mail.

Please contact pastor Anne-Grethe for more information and to sign up.

The confirmation service in 2020 will be on April

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