Baptisms usually take place during our Sunday service. This allows the congregation the opportunity to welcome its new member(s) right away.
Baptisms may be performed outside regularly scheduled services when specifically requested.

No fees are due for baptisms conducted at the church. For baptisms conducted off-site the pastor may ask to be reimbursed for gas and travel expenses. Those baptized by our pastor automatically become members of our church family.

The Danish Lutheran Church is a wonderful place to celebrate baptism, and we are privileged to celebrate with you when your child, your youngster, or your loved ones or you are baptized.

Before baptism, parents must contact the pastor to set the time and date for the baptism. The pastor would also like to have time to talk to the parents and meet the one who is to be baptized. An in-person meeting at the church is preferable, but it can be by phone, Skype or email.

For the meeting the parents must provide and verify: The child's birth certificate, parents' birth certificates, parents' marriage certificate, if any. Name and address of a minimum of two and a maximum five godparents. At least two witnesses must be present for the baptism

To be a godparent means to be a witness to the baptism and a sponsor who  promises to help raise the child in the Christian faith should the parents pass away. A godparent is often a family member or friend who can follow the child through life.

For more information contact Pastor Anne-Grethe

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