Church Services

Church services are held every Sunday at 11am followed by lunch unless otherwise specified.

Between October - May we also have Danish services.


If you and your family would like to host a Danish student for 1/2 year or 1 year of High School or College, please contact the pastor. we often get inquiries about possible families to host young Danes in their wish to live and study abroad.

Upcoming Events

  • December 21st  4th Sunday of Advent Service at 11 am followed by Lunch
  • December 23rd - Lillejuleaften in Solvang at 6 pm
  • December 24th - Christmas Eve/Juleaften at 2 pm followed by coffee and kringle
  • December 25th - Christmas Day/Juledag at 11 am & coffee
  • December 28th - Christmas Sunday at 11 am & coffee
Vi Taler Dansk!
Er du i Californien som studerende, au-pair, turist eller bare nysgerrig er du meget velkommen til at kigge forbi.

Emanuel Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church, fondly called The Danish Church, is a Protestant, Christian church and community based on the tenets of Martin Luther and other reformers, infused with the spirit and the teachings of N.F.S. Grundtvig, proud of its Danish heritage and continuing its rich church and cultural tradition.

Our church is open, welcoming and accepting. We invite you to worship with us, enjoy our fellowship, partake in our many activities and events and hope you might consider becoming part of our church family. The congregation was founded in 1906 by a handful of Danes living in Los Angeles. The church has never received financial support from Denmark nor is it part of the National Church of Denmark (Folkekirken) although our liturgy, services and ceremonies closely mirror those practiced in Danish churches.

Our church is part of ELCA Pacifica Synod, recognized as an ethnic congregation.

What We Believe

God’s love extends to all people. We are all part of God’s creation - we are all created in the image of God. God’s love cannot be earned; nor is God’s love a reward for who we are, what we do or do not do. God offers love and forgiveness to all people through his son, Jesus Christ. God’s grace is beyond human comprehension. God is a Triune God. God created and loves all creation. Jesus Christ transforms lives through his life, teaching and resurrection, and the Holy Spirit works in the world.

We Welcome You - Velkommen...

The Danish Lutheran Church & Cultural Center

Established in 1906

Guiding Principle: Human First, then Christian

Christmas Eve/ Juleaften Service at 2 pm - Danish/Billingual

followed by Coffee and Kringle


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    Baptism, Confirmation, Weddings and Memorials
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